Mar 19, 2015

New Benchmark Study Seeks Data on PM Skills

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Participate in the PM Skills Benchmark through March 30

Two years ago, the Project Management Institute commissioned a study on the PM job market that forecasted exponential growth in the demand for project managers globally. And, as the U.S. economy continues to improve, it does seem that at least some of those predictions are on track. At the same time, the training side of our house, the PM College, often finds that when companies seek to rapidly expand their project management expertise it can be hard to sort out exactly what "enhanced project management skills" means for that particular organization. Do they merely need scheduling and planning skills? Team leadership? Or something more?

We decided this was fertile ground for more research. After all, as I wrote in a previous post, we are cheerleading project management improvement on two fronts: developing new talent in-house AND selecting the perfect skill set in a contractor. It's not an either/or proposition. But, in either case, companies need to understand exactly what they are looking for ... or getting ... in a project manager.

Thus the 2015 PM Skills Benchmark study, which you can participate in through March 30. We scoured the internet for lists of desired project manager skills to create a study that would identify what skills project managers display on the job, sorted into three areas: technical, business and leadership. Then we also -- a hallmark of our research -- seek to identify how those skills impact the business.

Participants in the study recieve the full data of the report. Chime in now!


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