Apr 25, 2016

On PM Solutions' 20-Year Anniversary, A Shout-Out to the People Who Have Made It Possible

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A broad vision of combining consulting, training and research has carried us far, thanks to you: our staff, partners and clients.

Twenty years!  When I first wrote the business plan for PM Solutions, I only dreamed of such longevity in our company.  Now that we have been in business for 20 years, it seems time has gone by so quickly.  I can only offer “Thanks” to all those who have taken this journey with us – our associates, their families, our clients, and our business partners.  Thank you to all who have made such a contribution over the past 20 years!

The initial vision was broad – to be the first company to successfully integrate project management consulting and training on a global scale.  What accomplishments over those past 20 years!  Our consultants, trainers, business developers, and instructional designers have provided insights and direction for some of the world’s largest organizations.  Looking to the previous years, I’m always amazed at the breadth and depth of our efforts.  We have spanned virtually every industry and worked at all levels of organizations.  We have supported governments and non-profits.  Our consulting insights and training have covered geographies and cultures across the globe.  PM Solutions’ and PM College’s client satisfaction has been remarkable throughout our history.  We have asked a lot of our consultants and trainers. When you seek to help organizations achieve high performance, nothing less than high performance can be expected from those who deliver the services. So thank you, again, to our consultants, trainers, business developers, and instructional designers for such a great contributions to our team!

The vision was yet more broad – consulting and training with supporting research.  Beginning with the name Center for Business Practices, our PM Solutions Research became a globally recognized source of project management research with a historic database spanning 17 years.  Early in PM Solutions’ history, the leading Information technology research analysts would see advice from our team about these “new” developments in project management and the Project Office.  More than one consulting model found its roots in work developed by our consultants and research team.  I am very proud that PM Solutions Research continues to set a global standard for continuing project and portfolio management thought leadership.  A hearty “thanks” to our consultants and PM Solutions Research team for gaining our company such outstanding recognition!

Our PM Solutions team is honored to have an administrative and support staff second to none.  In managing an organization of this size, I am continually amazed at the efficiencies, the creativity, and sophistication of our capabilities, from Finance to Marketing to Human Resources to IT to PM College Scheduling and Support.   Our support team has provided our leadership team with systems and analysis that enable us to efficiently operate today – and for the NEXT 20 years! 

To our multitude of business partners who have provided services, support, insight, and products:  PM Solutions and PM College thank you. You have provided capabilities in areas that we otherwise could only dream of.  Your specialties, capabilities, and tools are major contributors to what we have become.  Many thanks for your long commitment to us!

Finally, a special recognition and “THANK YOU” to our clients.  While I hope we have passed on knowledge and insight, PM Solutions and PM College also have benefited tremendously from working with you.  With you, we continue to learn, experience new organizational cultures, integrate innovative business capabilities, ideate new concepts, and build wonderful new relationships.  It has been wonderful to partner with you who are true global leaders and innovators.  We look forward to continuing our relationships over the next 20 years!


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