How can an organization advance project management maturity?

Posted on 16 Aug 2012

Here are a few tips to consider when advancing project management maturity:

  • Think of it as an ongoing process, not rapid transformation. Project management maturity will not happen overnight, but rewarding benefits will be noticed in as little as six months along the way toward optimal maturity.
  • Set the maturity goal at an appropriate level in the PMMMSM. Not every organization will need to reach Level 5 maturity in the PMMM to reap important benefits. The maturity assessment will determine the level that is most appropriate for each organization.
  • Focus on continual improvement. Project management maturity emphasizes continual improvement. There is always room for improvement and growth, even once the organization reaches its highest target maturity level. Organizations should revisit its project management practices, strategies, processes, and goals every six to twelve months.
  • Get outside help. Like any cultural change within an organization, maturity advancement often means carefully navigating the political climate of the organization to get progress in motion. Leveraging neutral, third party consultants that specialize in effective approaches to assessing maturity and mapping a realistic plan for advancement can help ensure progress more quickly than going it alone. Especially if internal resources are constrained.
  • Remember that maturity is not an end in itself. Improved maturity pays off in increased value delivered to the organization’s business goals.

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