The Keys to PMO Success: Advice from the Field

Posted on 02 Sep 2014

The "State of the PMO" has evolved rapidly over the past few years. PMOs are not only becoming more strategic, but also more varied, with a wider array of methodologies and approaches being deployed in more areas of the business than ever. With so many flavors to choose from and the state of the discipline changing so quickly, how can PMO leaders feel confident they know what it takes to deliver optimal business value?

J. Kent Crawford, Founder and CEO of PM Solutions and the author of The Strategic Project Office and An Inside Look at High-Performing PMOs, and Doug Riseberg, General Manager of Upland Software's PowerSteering product line, are here to help. Drawing on their decades of experience and direct involvement with hundreds of PMOs of all shapes and sizes, they'll share practical, real-world insights on how to drive PMO results. In this engaging, interactive discussion, they'll reveal:
• What distinguishes high-performing PMOs from also-rans
• Common PMO mistakes -- and how to avoid them
• How PMOs at any stage of maturity can identify high impact opportunities for improving performance
• What's next for PMOs, and how to stay ahead of the curve

This is a must-view event for PMO directors, managers, and executive sponsors who want to improve their PMOs. It's also invaluable for business leaders planning to implement a PMO right the first time.


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