A 5-Step Process Linking Project Management Competency to Improved Business Performance

Posted on 28 Jun 2012

Ever wish you could link the impacts of your project management training and initiatives to improved business performance?  Well you can!  Learn the 5-step process to project management competency and measurement. Hear how other organizations are linking their improvement initiatives to overall corporate performance improvement!  We’ll show you where to start and where you can expect to see some overall benefit to your organization’s bottom line.

In this 60 minute web presentation (with live Q&A), join Debbie Crawford, PMP, and President of PM College, to learn the 5-step process Linking Project Management Competency to Improved Business Performance.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • What competency really is and the four biggest reasons to perform assessments.
  • The specific components that should be included in a competency assessment and the effects addressing them will have on improving business performance.
  • Some challenges you should anticipate and suggestions for how to keep competency development real to your world.
  • The 5-Step Process.
  • Actual feedback from PM College clients on business benefits realized thus far.

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