Apr 21, 2017

We Still Value Expertise

Posted by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin | 0 Comments

Experts? Yep: and proud of it.

If you've been following PM Solutions for any portion of our 20+ year history, you'll know that we call ourselves "the project management experts." We continue to wear this tag proudly, despite the unfortunate trend towards dismissing expertise that seems to be part of the zeigeist right now. In putting up the first of our Expert Series blogs last week (check it out here, if you missed it), I thought it might be a good idea to revisit a few previous posts where we discuss the value of expertise.

First, we pointed out the tangible, measureable value of an experienced project manager, which was highlighted by our 2015 Project Manager Skills Benchmark study. As an expert in his or her field, a project or program manager with many years of practice brings not only book knowledge but practical knowledge to bear on any initiative they become involved with. The cost savings can be immense.

Second, it has been demonstrated that having experts on board raises the skill level of everyone around them, and has an impact on task performance even in unrelated tasks.This is undoubtedly why our State of the PMO research has found a steady and rising trend for high-performers to employ consultants to implement and/or manage processes and projects.

There may be many "experts" (those who pronounce themselves as such on cable TV in particular) whose information we should look at with a jaundiced eye. (My rule is, "follow the money.") But the project management experts, I have observed, are worth our trust.

Coming up: More Expert Series blogs by DTE's Victor Allen, and a new Expert Series blogger, Pam Toth, coming on board next week. Stay tuned!


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