Apr 22, 2013

Project Portfolio Management, 10 Years On

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Free Event: May 2, 2013 at 2 pm EDT

Ten years ago, PM Solutions' research division did a survey of companies performing project portfolio management (PPM). Fifty pioneering companies responded to the call, reporting details of an organizational practice that was just beginning to be widely talked about, if not widely used.

What a difference a decade makes!

Thanks to all those - nearly 500 of you this time - who participated in our 2013 State of PPM research study, the data is in and the report will be released in early May. We've learned that PPM is becoming an organizational fixture of rising importance: 71% of firms have a PPM process in place. And of the firms without PPM in place, 52% pan to implement PPM processes within the year.

You can get a preview of the study results by joining J. Kent Crawford, CEO of PM Solutions for a 1-hour session on The State of PPM 2013: A Deeper Look at the Phenomenon Changing the Way Organizations are Managed , May 2, 2013 at 2 pm EDT.

Kent will share key findings from the new research report along with his insights on topics including:

  • Information on the growth of PPM and what's behind companies' drive to implement.
  • The customization of PPM among various business environments.
  • PPM capability and the relation to ROI.
  • Top functions and the importance of executive support.
  • PPM Challenges and plans to address them.
  • The outlook for PPM.

Kent will take questions from the audience, as well. All those who participate in the live session will be among the first to receive a copy PM Solutions’ brand new research report, The State of PPM 2013. Participation during the live event is limited, but all those that register for the webinar will also receive access to the on-demand recording.

Again, here's the link to register:




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