Nov 12, 2018

Methodology Leads the Way

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Good advice is good advice! And some messages cannot be hammered home often enough.

Hello from the PMO Symposium, where the theme, “Mastering Value Delivery,” feels so congruent with what we’ve been working on with clients recently. I loved the “beauty pageant” kickoff where the Session Preview gave multiple speakers a chance to pitch their sessions. The only problem: I can’t clone myself in order to sit in on all of them. But I had to choose, so …

Tim MacFadyen’s PM Methodology session discussed familiar territory for us: creating standards within organizations in order to institutionalize and change culture. His points reminded me of the actions our research have identified for high-performer PMOs: 1 – build consistency of process and terminology; 2 – educate broadly and then deep; 3 – collect metrics and establish a baseline. Good advice is good advice! And some messages cannot be hammered home often enough. He also talked about engaging the organization through continuous improvement and lessons learned.

The knowledge management angle on delivering value is something our Editor recently wrote about and I think it is an under-stressed area of competency.The author with Honest Abe and our CEO J. Kent Crawford

More later on these valuable sessions … right now, amusement break, as “Abe Lincoln” marches through with a pipe and drum corps …


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