Aug 27, 2010

Back to the Future: Some Thoughts about the PMO of the Year Finalists

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This is in the nature of an appetizer; the main course will come out on Sept. 8 in the form of our new ebook about the PMO of the Year Award and this year's winner and finalists.

Reading through the application essays, which we edit down into briefer summaries of the winning characteristics of each PMO, I was struck by one similarity: each of the winning PMOs had a far stronger focus on improving the skills of the people in the organization than on implementing any kind of tool. Even the information technology company in the finalist group is strongly focused on training and competency development.

And these forward-thinking winners train not only project managers, but all sorts of roles and organizational levels, providing PM consciousness-raising for everyone, from the executives to the admin staff. This is truly the mark of a PMO that seeks to do more than justify itself ... but to alter the organizational culture into a project culture. Mark your calendars: and check back for the free, downloadable ebook on Sept. 8.


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