Nov 3, 2016

100% of Best-in-Class PMOs do Benefits Realization. Do You?

Posted by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin | 0 Comments

A focus on benefits is one way PMOs can help achieve strategic goals.

Fun fact: Our newest research on The State of the PMO is coming out next week, and it provides a profile of what the best PMOs focus on. One of those items is benefits. We are not surprised, because a focus on benefits is one way that PMOs help their organizations achieve their strategic goals.

In a world where only a fraction of corporate strategies are actually achieved, isn’t it time we put the power of project management to work on making sure we not only do projects right, but that we are doing the right projects, and delivering the goods? Our new white paper removes the perceived barriers to getting started with Benefits Realization Management (BRM). In a free webinar on November 16, PM College President Deborah Bigelow Crawford will hit the high points of our action research-based proposal on how companies can use familiar, established processes as the springboard to implementing BRM today. Sign up here!


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