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Dec 13, 2018

Interview with J. Kent Crawford

Posted by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin | 0 Comments

We enjoyed a series of thoughtful blogs about the PMO Symposium this year, thanks to my colleague Johanna Mickel, both here and on the PM College blog. To wrap up, I asked our CEO J. Kent Crawford to share his impressions of the PMO of the Year Award finalists. Kent has a long history with… Read More »

Dec 4, 2018

New Thought Leadership by PM Solutions Experts

Posted by Carrie Capili | 1 Comment

We’re excited to announce the publication of the Fifth Edition of the American Management Association Handbook of Project Management! Our own editor-in-chief, Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin, serves as co-editor, with PMI Fellow Paul C. Dinsmore, PMP, of this classic text.The AMA Handbook, now published by HarperCollins Leadership, provides a comprehensive view of the project… Read More »

Nov 14, 2018

Positive Thoughts, Helpful Ideas

Posted by Johanna Mickel | 1 Comment

Yesterday was a mix of validating old ideas and being surprised by new insights.Conference breaks always afford the opportunity for some wonderful conversations, hearing what is going on in other organizations, and sometimes having my own experience or ideas validated. Case in point: I had to smile when one topic that surfaced was the… Read More »

Nov 13, 2018

PMOs are Leading Change and More

Posted by Johanna Mickel | 1 Comment

Panel discussions at the PMO Symposium give me writer's cramp! It's hard to take notes fast enough, especially when confronted with an array of highly knowledgeable practitioners. The panelists were:Melissa Eckers, Accenture Brian Murphy, CapGemini Jan Musil, SAP Noel Smyth, JP MorganThe upshot?The PMO is evolving and changing; no longer… Read More »

Nov 12, 2018

Methodology Leads the Way

Posted by Johanna Mickel | 0 Comments

Hello from the PMO Symposium, where the theme, “Mastering Value Delivery,” feels so congruent with what we’ve been working on with clients recently. I loved the “beauty pageant” kickoff where the Session Preview gave multiple speakers a chance to pitch their sessions. The only problem: I can’t… Read More »

Oct 12, 2018

What He Said: Rules of Engagement, from the Mayo Clinic CRM PMO - The View from PMI Part 2

Posted by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin in Benefits Realization, Culture & Change Management, Human Capital, Strategy Execution | 0 Comments

My top feel-good session at this year’s PMI Global Conference was a case study of the Mayo Clinic’s PMO at their Center for Regenerative Medicine. Not only is the visionary work of the CRM inspiring, but I was impressed by the PMO leader, Wale Elegbede, PMP. When he said, “Leadership… Read More »

Sep 6, 2018

Pop Quiz: How Would You Invest $1000?

Posted by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin | 0 Comments

An article in The Economist caught my attention with the headline “Time to get in training: Companies must overcome skill shortages.”  The author notes that the amount American companies are spending on training jumped last year by almost a third, to the equivalent of $1000 for every staff member who received training. (See… Read More »

May 17, 2018

Where Agility Lives: Your Strategy Execution Questions, Answered: Part 3

Posted by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin | 0 Comments

I’ve left the most complex question for last. One of our webinar attendees queried:What is the best way to engage in a conversation about traditional PMO roles and activities in an organization that is using Agile delivery and methodologies?One of the problems with answering these questions after the webinar has ended… Read More »

Jan 22, 2018

Findings from the Strategy Execution Process Benchmark: Webinar Jan. 30

Posted by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin | 1 Comment

Mark your calendars for January 30 at 2 p.m. ET, when PM Solutions CEO J. Kent Crawford and President Bruce Miller will present some of the findings of our newest research study.Agility and Execution: What PM Processes Can Positively Impact Your Strategy Execution? takes a close look at the best practices revealed in the Strategy… Read More »

Jan 4, 2018

Interesting Times in Project Management: An Interview with J. Kent Crawford

Posted by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin | 0 Comments

Our founder and CEO Kent Crawford stays on the road a good deal, teaching classes for the PMI SeminarsWorld series, as well as visiting client sites and attending conferences and speaking engagements. In doing so, he keeps a front-line view of what is going on in organizations across a broad array of industries. So, once… Read More »

Dec 18, 2017

Trends in Project Management: An Interview with Bruce Miller

Posted by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin | 0 Comments

Bruce Miller rejoined PM Solutions/PM College as our President in early November and jumped right into the fray by attending the PMO Symposium. We caught up with him by phone to ask him if there were any surprises there for someone who had stepped away from working in the project management consulting field for… Read More »

Nov 9, 2017

CEO Insights from the PMO Symposium

Posted by Johanna Mickel | 0 Comments

Now that I have time to catch my breath after the whirlwind of information that is the PMO Symposium, I wanted to skip back to Monday and share a few insights from a panel of C-Suite luminaries convened by PMI for the occasion:Bruce Rogers, Forbes Chief Insights Officer, noted that we are in an… Read More »

Nov 8, 2017

Strategy + Innovation Yields "Transient Advantage"

Posted by Johanna Mickel | 0 Comments

According to keynote speaker Rita McGrath, competitive advantage is an elusive, ever-moving target, what she termed in her speech "Transient Advantage."For organizational success, we need both strategy and innovation. In the past, the “Holy Grail” of strategy has been to create a sustainable competitive advantage. Often when companies reach the top, they… Read More »

Nov 7, 2017

PMO Symposium Conference: Beyond Agile

Posted by Johanna Mickel | 1 Comment

We are excited to be attending the PMO Symposium again this year! If you can't be in attendence, here are some quick thoughts from the first day's schedule of events.The CEO of PMI, Mark Langley gave a keynote that defined the theme of the conference. According to Langley, Organizational Agility (“OA… Read More »

Sep 6, 2017

New Research Strongly Links PMO and PPM Processes to Strategic Execution

Posted by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin | 1 Comment

Although we have not released the formal research report yet, and the numbers are still being crunched, there are a couple things I found in reading through the raw data collected by our Strategy Execution Process Benchmark that I couldn't wait to share.Like the majority of companies out there, those that participated in… Read More »

Jul 5, 2017

PMO Webinar Attendees: You Asked, Kent Crawford Answers!

Posted by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin | 0 Comments

In our May webinar/panel discussion of The State of the PMO 2016, we had a number of questions submitted by participants that there was not enough time to answer. I caught up with Kent Crawford by phone to get his responses to some of the questions that centered around PMO implementation and processes.Q: The… Read More »

Jun 22, 2017

A Question of Agility: Expert Answers on PMOs and Agile Processes

Posted by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin | 1 Comment

In our May webinar/panel discussion of The State of the PMO 2016, we had a number of questions submitted by participants that there was not enough time to answer. One of the major themes involved questions about agile tools and processes in the PMO. I called on one of our in-house Agile experts, Senior Consultant… Read More »

May 30, 2017

Common Problems of a PMO

Posted by Victor L. Allen | 0 Comments

Editor's Note: We welcome back guest blogger Victor Allen with some words of wisdom, gained though experience, on the challenges faced by PMOs. This is the third in our "Expert Series": You can read previous posts in the series here and here. For more on PMO challenges and trends, please download our latest research… Read More »

May 19, 2017

Join Our Panel of Experts to Discuss the Practices of Best-in-Class PMOs

Posted by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin | 0 Comments

The State of the PMO 2016 research report, released last November, shows that the majority of organizations now either have PMOs or are planning to implement one in the coming year, the common functions and practices of PMOs are becoming a standard feature of organizations.But for those PMOs that have been in place for over… Read More »

Apr 10, 2017

Why Assess PM Maturity?

Posted by Victor L. Allen | 1 Comment

Editor’s introduction: This week we inaugurate the first in our Expert Series, blogs by writers who have won our respect for their work “in the trenches” of project, program and organizational improvement. Today’s author, Victor Allen, is director of project management for Major Enterprise Projects at DTE Energy, the… Read More »

Dec 8, 2016

New PMO? Aim High and Go Long

Posted by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin in Project & Program Management, Performance Measurement, Project Management Maturity, Project Management Office (PMO), Project Management Research | 0 Comments

This week saw the release of the latest iteration of our biennial research study, The State of the PMO 2016. After nearly a decade of collecting information on PMO trends and functions, PM Solutions Research had a clear view of how the PMO is developing as an organizational entity. Not only that, but our unique formula… Read More »

Nov 23, 2016

The Changing Ecosystem of Work

Posted by | 0 Comments

Reading the business press and networking with the diverse community of project management leaders at events like the PMO Symposium, one can't help but be struck by the changing dynamics of the workforce. In the developed nations, we have an aging workforce that possesses critical expertise and stories, tacit knowledge and insitutional memory that… Read More »

Nov 11, 2016

“An Appetite for Simplicity” : Report from the PMO Symposium

Posted by | 0 Comments

This week I attended the PMO Symposium for the first time and it was one of those events where you experience so many new ideas that you can’t keep them to yourself. I’m relatively new to Twitter, but I found it to be the perfect tool to record “Aha!”… Read More »

Nov 7, 2016

Shift the Focus to Benefits Now: A Report from the PMO Symposium

Posted by J. Kent Crawford | 0 Comments

The annual PMO Symposium has kicked off and we could not have had a better starting gate than the presentation that expanded on PMI’s research into benefits realization. That this is the focus and the kickoff of the Symposium is so appropriate, because it ties right into what we believe to be the… Read More »

Nov 3, 2016

100% of Best-in-Class PMOs do Benefits Realization. Do You?

Posted by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin | 0 Comments

Fun fact: Our newest research on The State of the PMO is coming out next week, and it provides a profile of what the best PMOs focus on. One of those items is benefits. We are not surprised, because a focus on benefits is one way that PMOs help their organizations achieve their strategic goals. … Read More »

Oct 6, 2016

State of the PMO 2016: Some Highlights from Our Newest Research

Posted by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin | 0 Comments

We just finished crunching the numbers for our 2016 update of our signature biennial research study, The State of the PMO. For those who have been following the progress of the PMO for the past several years, some of the findings are unsurprising: the percentage of companies with PMOs continues to climb (up 5% from 2014), while… Read More »

Sep 9, 2016

PMOs in 2016: How Does Your PMO Measure Up?

Posted by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin in Project Management Office (PMO), Project Management Research, Site News, Strategy Execution | 0 Comments

Calling all PMO leaders, executives with responsibility for PMOs, and PMO contributors: now is your chance to participate in our signature biennial research study, The State of the PMO. Conducted every two years since 2008, this study has helped thousands of companies gauge and improve thier PMO processes and functions. This year's study, subtitled "Enabling… Read More »

Jun 22, 2016

Still Justifying Project Management in Your Organization? This Will Help!

Posted by Deborah Bigelow Crawford in Culture & Change Management, Project & Program Management, Governance, Performance Measurement, Project Management Research, Strategy Execution | 0 Comments

Companies are demanding to know the long-range benefits of building and implementing a project management culture. Simple financial measurements are not enough; a balanced family of measures is needed to get an overall picture of the health of your organization and its project management practices. A balanced family of measures can evolve into a powerful… Read More »

Apr 18, 2016

Risky Business: PMI Study Charts a Dip in Project Success Rates

Posted by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin in Performance Measurement, Portfolio Management, Project Failure & Recovery, Project Management Events, Project Management Office (PMO), Project Management Research, Strategy Execution | 0 Comments

Last week, our CEO Kent Crawford presented a webinar on strategies to recover troubled or failing projects to a large audience. The questions they submitted for the Q&A displayed just how much worry and stress failing projects create for project managers. We will be interviewing Kent on this blog, answering many of the… Read More »

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