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Sep 30, 2018

The Long View from Far Away

Posted by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin in Culture & Change Management, Human Capital, Portfolio Management | 1 Comment

Sometimes you have to get a little distance from familiar things to see them in perspective.I experienced this in September during a three-week break, out of the country, away from it all, and on a bit of an enforced “device fast” with no wifi or mobile data. In a brief airport interlude, 10… Read More »

Jan 3, 2013

Dust Off Your Brain - It's the Finest PPM Software Ever Invented

Posted by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin in Culture & Change Management, Portfolio Management, Strategy Execution | 1 Comment

In a conversation with colleagues the other day, it was noted that in many companies where project portfolio management (PPM) has been established, there is still frustration and confusion regarding analysis and reporting. The flow of data collected by the software and the variety of reporting options can apparently be overwhelming. At the risk of… Read More »

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